Last updated: 15.11.2022.

Q4 2022

Ethereum Mint

Minting of up to 1000 Holoframe NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain on December 15 2022.

Web App Alpha

The initial version of the Holoframe web app. It's essentially a simple MVP that help us build a faster, better Beta version. It will come with a limited set of frames and features, with NFT verification happening via a Discord web3 bot.

Q1 2023

Web App Beta

The first stable version of the Holoframe Web app, featuring direct web3 authentication and NFT loading, as well as expanded frame configuration choices.

Polygon Support

Added support for NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

Q2 2023

Frames Library Upgrade

Support for frames created by web3 artists and companies we partner with, as well as select frames unlocked by holding blue chip NFTs like Bored Apes and Doodles.

API Alpha

The initial version of our API, enabling Holoframe NFT holders to generate frames via REST API calls, and push frames as QR codes and 3d models to their apps, games, websites, and metaverses.

3d Embeds & Exports

Holoframe web app feature that will enable users to export GLB 3d models, and embed them on their websites as iframes.

Solana Support

Added support for NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

Q3 2023

Smartphone App Alpha

The first version of the Holoframe app for iOS and Android.

API Beta

Updated API, featuring paid business subscriptions with higher rate limits.

Q4 2023

Frame Marketplace Alpha

A curated marketplace for tokenized holoframes, accessible to all Holoframe NFT owners as creators and traders.

Animated Frames

Support for animated holoframes.


The ability to place holoframes in the real world—permanently, anywhere on the planet, e.g. a QR code in Paris that activates a colossal holoframe on the Eifel Tower.