Howdy! We're Holoframe.

We're a web3 company on a mission to help humanity dream about different worlds.

The Metaverse should extend reality—not replace it.

What is the Metaverse?

That's not a great question, innit? Like the next Elder Scrolls game, or humanity's first interstellar spaceship, the Metaverse is not here... yet.

The right question to ask is: 

What will the Metaverse be?

Will it be a shared, global virtual reality? A single place, or many? A centralized nightmare or a decentralized meritocracy?

Will it be a place where humanity will venture sometimes... or forever?

At Holoframe, we do not know the answers to these questions—but we do know what we hope they'd be.

In the coming years and decades, we'd like to see the Metaverse become a place of economic, creative, and cultural freedom. A vast digital expanse that connects us more than the Internet ever could. A mix of new technologies that makes us more efficient, healthier, and smarter in the real world.

A place that's symbiotic with reality, and not competing against it.

Our approach to nudging the Metaverse in this direction is simple—build elegant, clever, usable apps that connect web3 to the real world.

Holoframe was founded in 2022 by a group of digital natives who wanted to help humanity dream about different worlds.

The company is registered in Tallinn, Estonia, while our offices are in Belgrade, Serbia.

"Always listen to experts. They'll tell you what can't be done, and why. Then do it."― Robert A. Heinlein.

We've got four simple rules:

Work smart – Find the easiest, quickest way to do something. Laziness drives innovation and growth.

Never give up – Impossible? No. It's just a bit tricky. Keep at it until you freak'n nail it.

Be honest With colleagues, customers, clients—everyone. Transparency is the way to improve stuff.

Have fun – Working? Make crappy jokes. At an NFT party? Stay hydrated. Gaming? Be merciless. 

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