Holoframe App Features

NFTs, now in AR

Pick a single NFT, or an entire NFT collection.

Choose colors, textures, and frames. Click to create, then scan to experience.

Frame an NFT

Creating a holoframe is simple—pick an NFT, smash buttons, get a QR code, flex anywhere.

Frame an NFT collection

Engage your community with a Showroom—a simple way to experience their NFTs in AR.

Customize with ease

Frames – Pick between different frame shapes—and soon, between multiple themed libraries.
Colors – Change the color of a single holoframe, or a color mode if you're creating a Showroom.
Textures – Choose between various textures, from sci-fi and grunge to wood and stone.
Materials – Set up metalness and roughness for individual frames, or do it on a collection level.
No downloads or wallet connections—just paste, tap, and click

How Holoframe works

NFT added
Reddit NFT
Frame your Reddit avatar in AR


Sign up, and create holoframes for individual NFTs, or Showrooms for entire collections.
Reddit NFT
See in AR


Scan a QR to start the AR experience on any smartphone—no app downloads needed.


Place your framed NFTs anywhere in the real world, and easily take pictures or videos.
Hey @everyone, I just dropped my NFT into an AR frame, check it out.


Share your pics and vids to flex and promote, show QR or links to let others see NFTs in AR.
Embed your holoframe anywhere on the web.
<iframe src="https://app.holoframe.io/embed/jCLQKcUF80WvXJxO" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="480"></iframe>

iFrames & Libraries

Embed your frame anywhere online with iFrame code, and get more frame libraries. Soon-ish™.
Holoframes work natively on Android and iOS —no downloads needed, only your camera pointed at a QR code.
No need to connect your wallet to create and experience holoframes—just an email and a password, or NFT ID.

Frame your NFTs

Bring individual NFTs or entire collections to life in augmented reality.