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Augment your NFTs

Use a simple web app to frame your NFTs and collections in augmented reality.
Holoframe is currently invite-only—join our Discord to request an invite.

Your NFT, in AR, in three easy steps:

Pick NFT – Choose the NFT you want to frame.
Customize frame – Choose shapes, materials, and colors.
Scan QR – Scan the code with your phone, fren.

Unlock the app

Holoframe NFT gives you access to the app, exclusive drops, and then some.

View your NFTs in AR

Place your NFTs in 3d frames, and scan QR codes to view and record them in augmented reality.

Grow your library

Grab free drops, mint exclusives, and get new frames simply by owning NFTs like Apes or Doodles.

Frame your entire collection

Create a Showroom and enable your community to see their NFTs in augmented reality.

Holoframe is for:

Collectors – Record your JPEGs in AR, and flex them on Twitter & Discord.
Degens – Hi fren. Use AR to take the FOMO for that 1:1 to the next level. LFG.
Flippers – Promo your latest snipe in want-to-sell channels in freak'n style.
Collections – Wow your community with added utility for their NFTs.
Artists – Generate QR codes and share them online or IRL to promote your NFT art.
Galleries – Elevate your NFT art exhibitions with augmented reality.

Holoframe at TMRW 2023: NFTs, Networking, and the Future of Web3

Learn what we did at one of the largest emerging tech events in Europe.

Got questions? We got answers.

When mint?
Mint will be open-ended, most likely starting in late Q2, 2023.
Where's the roadmap?
We got a public roadmap? 

We got a public roadmap.
When early access?
Invite-only alpha started in February 2023.
How much is mint?
Honestly? We do not freak'n know.

We do know that we'll figure it out with the help of Early Access users, tho - so stay tuned for Public Alpha.
Can I generate frames for my entire collection?
Yup. We're testing an early version of a feature we're calling "Showroom", that's specifically designed for companies and DAOs that want to wow their NFT community.

In case you want to frame your collection, check out Showroom.
Will there be an API?
There will be multiple APIs designed to get, create, update, and delete frames, showrooms, models, and more.

Frame your NFTs.

Drop your NFTs in augmented reality frames.