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Get a holographic
frame for your NFTs.

Showcase and enjoy your NFTs as 3d holograms encased in a retro-futuristic, web3
hardware device. Holoframe is a physical NFT—minting the token gets you the frame.
“Holoframe is FREAK'N BRILLIANT.”

Get a holoframe in three easy steps:

Mint an NFT Join the whitelist to mint your Holoframe NFT.
Link your wallet – Verify NFT ownership to order a frame; shipping starts in 2023.
Mount anywhere – Place your holoframe on a regular wall mount or a TV stand.

Non-fungible hardware

Everything you need to know about the Holoframe NFT, from perks to attributes.
Holoframe NFT
Probably Nothing

What is a holoframe?

It's a retro-futuristic, holographic display designed to display NFTs as 3d holograms.

Android & iOS

Manage your NFT playlists, add effects, enjoy personalized perks and more.

Holoframe is for:

Traders & Collectors – Flex and display your NFTs at your home office or living room.
Artists & Galleries – Display NFT art in branded, elegant holographic displays.
Web3 Companies – Get frames for your office, events, or community giveaways.

Got questions? We got answers.

When mint?
When the market recovers a bit, that's when.
Can I sell my NFT?
It's an NFT—of course you can.

Each Holoframe NFT is unique, and has multiple attributes designed to give owners various device-specific benefits and perks, from custom 3d printing files that can be used to modify your device, to metadata-specific effects and add-ons.

If you do sell your Holoframe NFT, have in mind that you won't be able to order the holoframe display once shipping starts, or actually use it if you sell it after ordering the device—Holoframe NFTs act as authentication keys, and are needed to make your holographic display work.
When shipping?
How much is mint?
2 ETH per Holoframe NFT during the public mint, and 1 ETH during the private one.
What does an NFT get me?
Purchasing a Holoframe NFT will get you the holographic device itself, and a key used to operate it. You'll also get members-only access to our Discord channel, as well as a say in the future development of the product.

Our plan is to let the community guide us in any future updates, from added utility in the Metaverse or the real world, to new holoframe widgets, effects, add-ons, and supported blockchains.
Do you offer whitelabeled frames?

That said, we're open to creating co-branded ones—if you have an interesting NFT project and would like to collaborate, talk to us.

Introducing Holoframe

Introducing Holoframe—a retro-futuristic, web3 hardware device that turns NFTs into epic 3d holograms.

Get a holoframe.

Get a modular display that turns your NFTs into epic holograms.