Frame your entire NFT collection

Create a Showroom for your collection and enable your community to see their NFTs in augmented reality.

Featured Showrooms

Discover how others have showcased their NFT collections in AR.

Augment existing and new NFT collections

Hype up upcoming mints, and launch a public Showroom to accompany your reveal.
Enhance the utility of your current collections and galvanize your community.

Customize with ease

Shapes – Pick default or get custom frame shapes.
Colors – Select none, single, random, or automatic color mode.
Materials – Choose frame textures, and set metallicity and roughness.

Get instant utility for your collection

Create a new, immersive way for people to flex and interact with your NFTs.

Supercharge your socials

Tell your community to take a pic of their NFTs in AR, and post them to X to enter a giveaway or a contest—simple as that.
Hey @redditpeeps, take a pic of your NFT in AR to enter the contest, reply to our tweet here. The reply with most shares and likes wins!

Unleash your community members

Your community members are your best advocates— give them the tool they need to help them promote your collection.
Ok this AR thing is freak'n sick, my Reddit avatar looks epic.



Get started with a forever-free plan.
Single color
Default textures
Default frame shapes


ETH per year, per Showroom
The plan you choose when you want to WAGMI.
Everything from Starter
Random & automatic color
Custom frame logo
Custom textures
Email Support


ETH per year, per Showroom
The plan you choose when you plan to succeed.
Everything from Core
Four custom frame shapes
3d model export
Discord Support
Looking for a custom plan? Talk to us.

Got questions? We got answers.

What does it take to create a Showroom, and how soon can we launch?
Just get started with the app.
What does it cost to create a Showroom?
Creating a basic Showroom is free—and our custom paid plans start at 0.1ETH/year.
Do my community members need to connect their wallet, or download an app, to see their frame?
No, and no - all they need to do is visit the Showroom page, and type in their NFT number.
Can we frame more than one NFT collection?
Which blockchains does Showroom work with?
Showroom works for NFTs deployed on Ethereum or Polygon. Solana is in early access and available as part of a custom paid plan.
“Working with the Holoframe team was an absolute pleasure. Our community loved framing up their DR/VRS in AR, and it was a really effective community building tool.”