During the past couple of months, a small but dedicated community helped us iron out most of the bugs that were troubling the invite-only, alpha version of our app.

The Showroom feature, which started as an experiment, has been utilized by over 30 NFT collections so far. Their communities flooded Twitter/X with a myriad of kickass holoframes.

Now, we feel it's somewhat safe to open Holoframe's doors, and enable everyone, everywhere to frame their NFTs and collections in augmented reality.

Holoframe is now in open beta—sign up here to take it for a spin.

Configurator Update: Textures & Materials

One of the core functionalities of the Holoframe app is to enable collectors to frame their NFTs via a simple configurator. The configurator got its first upgrade in April, when we've added support for Polygon NFTs, beyond the default Ethereum option.

The Configurator update brings two new features - a texture library, and material sliders.

The texture library features 18 new frame textures, from simple Timber and weathered Grunge, to futuristic Cyber and intricate Steampunk.

We've introduced two new material sliders in our feature set - Metalness, which allows you to adjust the metallic quality of the frame, and Roughness, offering you the capability to determine how coarse or smooth your frame appears.

Most importantly, the Configurator update hides a complete database revamp under the hood, enabling us to add more Frame Libraries in the future.

Showroom Feature Launch: Frame your entire NFT collection

We're happy to to unveil Showrooms, a new feature that's already been embraced by over 30 NFT collections during our alpha testing phase. Showrooms give you the capability to create a simple web page for your entire Ethereum or Polygon collection, and enable your community members to easily see their NFTs in AR.

Creating a Showroom is super-simple—all you need to do is paste the OpenSea link to your NFT collection, pick frame shapes, color modes, textures, and material options, and then smash the "Create" button.

Share the Showroom link with your community, and they'll be able to see their NFTs in augmented reality in a matter of seconds—no app download or blockchain wallet connection required.

Showrooms can be a powerful community engagement, gamification, and marketing tools, especially when combined with giveaways and raffles—community members taking pictures and videos of their NFTs in augmented reality and sharing them on social media does not only foster community cohesion, but can also attract more people to explore the collection on OpenSea.

Creating a basic Showroom is free—for creators that want to take Showrooms to another level with the full texture library, custom 3d models, and more, we've got paid plans that start at 0.1 ETH per year.

As we transition into open beta, we're inviting all NFT creators to start creating their own Showrooms. We can't wait to see how you'll use this new feature to bring your NFT collections to life.

We're Live on Product Hunt

Pssstt... Hey, we're live on Product Hunt! Your support means everything to us, and we'd be thrilled if you could check us out. Share your thoughts, insights, or simply let us know what you think about Holoframe. Your feedback helps us grow and refine our features, so don't hesitate to join the convo!

Update: We've been featured in the top 5 Products of the day, third spot!

Next Up: Ordinals, New Libraries, and More

Ordinals, representing NFTs on the Bitcoin network, have witnessed remarkable growth this year. As the fervor of the initial launch settles and the space begins to mature, the appearance of robust tools such as APIs and explorers is paving the way for future innovations in this dynamic space.

These advancements have caught our attention, and we are considering the possibilities they may open for Holoframe. We are in the experimentation phase, and plan on integrating Originals with Showrooms and the core configurator in the near future.

Next up, we'll be wrapping the work on the first few new model libraries, sparked by our recent database overhaul, with themes including everything from Retro to Fantasy.

Our development roadmap, is more like a tech tree, so upcoming features include possible Solana integration, iframe support, and enhanced customization for frames and Showrooms.

Interested in taking our app for a spin? Get started here, free.