Have you ever wondered what happens when sports arenas swap basketballs for NFTs, and concerts for cryptocurrencies?

Well, that's exactly what went down at the Stark Arena in our hometown, Belgrade.

The arena, known for hosting an array of sports and cultural events, transformed into an epicenter of innovation for the Tomorrow Conference. This event is slowly becoming the crème de la crème of emerging tech gatherings in Europe, with a pulsating heart beating for AI, blockchain, metaverse, gaming, and NFTs.

Our quest at Tomorrow Conference was a thrilling one: showcasing our MVP, gathering pearls of wisdom in the form of feedback, networking, gaining valuable experience from demoing our product IRL, and promoting our brand.

The conference was a melting pot of brilliant minds and enthusiastic hearts, attracting everyone from local web3 experts, entrepreneurs, influencers, and technology students, to tech professionals from across the globe.

Businesses represented were as diverse as the array of NFTs in a whale's wallet, ranging from blockchain games like Encrypted Gods and metaverse platforms like AllArt, to NFT photography marketplaces like Seed and to web3 development companies like Bloxico.

Our booth was awash in our company's signature blue. We brought along a custom 3D printed holographic fan to showcase a selection of framed NFTs without the need for AR.

Our swag—themed around a modified version of the 2013 Bitcoin Wizard meme—was a hit, the socks, stickers, and t-shirts flew off our table faster than a memecoin.

Our fellow techies responded with enthusiasm: they appreciated the simplicity and elegance of our app, and our booth drew in more curious eyes than a rare Pepe NFT.

We had the privilege of engaging with a diverse range of individuals, from NFT traders and creators, to blockchain developers to venture capitalists, and even government representatives.

We also reconnected with old friends, like Tobias from FinTrust, whom we had met at last year's Tomorrow conference, where we were only attendees.

Fast forward a year, and both our companies had our own booths, showcasing our new products. It was a full-circle moment that reflected not just our growth, but the progress of the web3 space.

A key nugget of feedback we received from the event was the demand for Holoframe to support Solana NFTs. We've taken this to heart and are seriously considering adding this suggestion into our 2023 roadmap.

Another insight we gained, one more valuable than a mint condition CryptoPunk, was the unyielding resilience of the web3 community.

Even with a bear market growling at our doors, the conference still managed to be a meaningful and successful gathering. It reminded us that in this space, when the going gets tough, the tough HODL on!

Although the three-day conference, with its non-stop action and back-to-back parties, left us extremely exhausted and hungover, the experience was worth every single moment. We hit all our goals, and dare we say, even exceeded a few.

Like a well-executed, audited smart contract, everything went according to plan.

In the end, the conference was a testament to the unyielding spirit of the web3 community. The friendships forged, the lessons learned, and the fun had, all add to our belief in the incredible expansion potential of the NFT market and the web3 space.

As for us at Holoframe, we’re more excited than ever about what the future holds. We can't wait to see what new metaverse technologies emerge in the next couple of years. So, whether you're a seasoned NFT collector or a curious newbie, get ready to frame your NFTs in a whole new light!

P.S. We've recently launched a new Discord channel—join us!