Introducing the Holoframe app

Pick an NFT. Drop it into a frame. Get a QR code.

Scan it with any smartphone to place your NFT in augmented reality—no downloads needed.

Place your NFTs in the physical world:

Connect your wallet – Link your wallet with the Holoframe app.
Pick an NFT – Choose an NFT and configure your frame.
Scan a QR – Grab your phone to interact with your holoframe.

Frame your NFTs

Use the Holoframe web app to drop your NFT into a customizable frame—and get a QR code you can scan to view it in augmented reality.

View your holoframes

Holoframes work natively on Android and iOS —no downloads needed, just your smartphone camera pointed at a QR code.
Scan to see in augmented reality
Tap to see in augmented reality

Take pics & vids

Place your framed NFTs anywhere in the real world, and easily take pictures or videos.

Flex your JPEGs

Share your pics and vids anywhere from Twitter to Discord, or even publish your QR code to let everyone experience your holoframes in AR.
Doge Frame #2

Grab an <iframe>

Embed your frame anywhere online, from a custom HTML website, to those built with CMS tools like Webflow or Wordpress.
Embed your holoframe anywhere on the web.
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="480"></iframe>

Frame your NFTs.

Drop your NFTs in augmented reality frames.

Got questions? We got answers.

When app?
Early 2023.
Can I export holoframes as 3d models?
Coming in Q2 2022.
When early access?
Early 2023.
Is there going to be a smartphone app?
Yup, in Q3 2023.
How do I access the app?
Get a Holoframe NFT—it acts as an app key.
Will there be an API?
Coming in Q2 2023.