Get AR frames for your NFTs

Encase your NFTs in augmented reality frames. Get the native library and grow it with free drops, partner mints, and exclusive frames.

Types of frames

Native – An ever-growing library of default frames.
Collabs – Frames you get simply by owning an NFT.
Mintable – Frames you can mint as NFTs.

Customize with a click.

The Holo
A collection of minimalistic, elegant holoframes.
Pick themes – Choose everything from modern to fantasy-themed frames.
Squish your NFTs into the ultimate degen-friendly frame.
Choose shapes – Pick between frames in various shapes and forms.
Edit materials – Select different colors, materials, and textures.
Switch logos – Choose between blockchain or collection-branded logos.

Got questions? We got answers.

Will there be animated frames?
We're aiming to get that done in Q3 2023, maybe even sooner.
Can I turn frames into NFTs?
Any Holoframe NFT owner will be able to do so in late 2023.
Can you create a custom frame for my NFT collection or web3 company?
Sure thing—let us know what you have in mind.

Frame your NFTs.

Drop your NFTs in augmented reality frames.